The Afrikan Spiritual and Cultural Drive for Liberty and Nationhood

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The Universal Royal Afrikan Nation (URAN) is an all Afrikan organisation established on a spiritual-cultural foundation that holds the core principles expounded and set in motion by the Supreme Royal  Emperor Marcus Mosiah Garvey and carries an ethos of progressive transformation.



Born of the deity of water coupled with many years of life experience, learning, development and emerging from the Afrikan-centred tradition URAN was established in Birmingham (UK) on 11th August 2013 and was offically launched on February 23rd 2014 by its Originator and the person at the helm of URAN, the Principal Royal Afrikan Purveyor Kwende Ukaidi.


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the Red, Black and Green Flag is the official flag of the nation used by URAN created by the Supreme Royal Emperor Marcus Mosiah Garvey and used throughout the Afrikan world. In Kiswahili it is referred to as the Bendera Ya Taifa.



Membership within URAN is open to the Afrikan community and is possible through a process of learning and a system of apprentiship. A good place to start is participation in the Afrikan World Studies Programmes that are run at the institution of Yemanja with flexible options for study throughout the year and immediate enrolment. The important and challenging five week: Africentricity and Divinity Programme may be offered to progress in the potential of becoming a member. This introduces a number of key areas for progression and is  the perfect vehicle for getting to grips with key cultural/spiritual concepts in this mission for liberty. Each session highlights key areas of learning and is both rich in content and challenging to many popular preconceptions.


Following this forthright and insighful short programme there is a progressive programme of orientation for those interested in going further. 

Additionally, there are a number of key workshops that can support the learning about the cultural times of year and also wider and relevant aspects of the Afrikan experience.  


Engaging in these programmes can allow consideration for membership within URAN


Please look out for updates on future Africentricity & Divinity Programmes. 

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Afrikan people are the first people of Creation. Since time immemorial this special spirit people concieved of the Creator who carries both divine male and divine female energy. All Afrikan people are divine by nature.


Therefore the reclamation of divinity is key to Afrikan liberty. 

Reverence for the Great Ancestors is a must for Afrikan growth and development. Those Afrikans who have made magnificent contributions in the drive for Afrikan liberty and nationhood are held in the highest regard.





Established members of URAN gather on the first Sunday of each month for communal spiritual engagement and expression in the practice of Royal Afrikan Spirituality. Where a cultural observance occurs on first Sunday of the month, spiritual activity may become a community affair around the theme of that observance (please see the Universal Royal Afrikan Cultural Calendar using the Calendar tab).




The Supreme Royal Emperor Marcus Garvey gave Afrikan people the most prolific example of divine organisational prowess with his Garvey Movement. URAN is built upon the core and foundation principles of Garveysim: Race First, Self Reliance and Nationhood all within a spiritual and cultural order and with the ideal of progressive transformation.




As well as provision for the more senior members of the Afrikan community, the watoto {children} have a special place within URAN. There is an internal childrens programme and much for the young ones to engage in.




The language of Kiswahili is the official Afrikan language of URAN. Thus the observances reflect words from the Kiswahili language. The phrasing of the observance names has been constructed in a basic way  to aid ease of familiarity as many more Afrikans around the world become more used to their own language vibration and though the words are Kiswahili they do not confirms to strict traditional gramatical form. This also highlights the URAN way of creative liberation ascendancy.


KIMUNGU UKOMBOZI is the Kiswahili greeting used within URAN and this means "Divine Liberation". It is an adaptation of the kiswahili phrase Ukombozi wa Kimungu, where the URAN greeting puts the Creative force of the universe as the first expression because of its pinnacle importance. You may also hear terms such as Kaka meaning Brother and Dada meaning Sister. Cultural observances are also identified using this important and unifying Afrikan language.




Exquisite natural wood URAN pendants are available to members and the Afrikan community as a whole. Please do make contact directly via or via the institution of Yemanja to find out how you can obtain your very own URAN pendant as this is presently the